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Month: November 2019

The Planetarium, a journey between stars and planets

An evocative journey in the Bari Planetarium, the largest in southern Italy. Let yourself be involved in the evocative experience in the Bari Planetarium, the largest in southern Italy. Located inside the famous Fiera del Levante, the Bari Sky-Skan Planetarium boasts some of the most innovative and complex technologies in Europe that will make you experience a […] Find out more

Christmas lights in Bari Vecchia

29 November 2019 The Christmas lights are arriving in old Bari, don't miss them! If you are in Bari during the Christmas period you cannot miss this opportunity. Starting from December 6th it will be possible to walk through the alleys of the ancient village illuminated by Christmas lights installed to make the atmosphere of your walks even more magical. The lights in […] Find out more

International Street Food returns to Bari

28 November 2019 The Street Food Festival returns to Bari again this year. Great news for street food lovers! The International Street Food Festival returns to Bari for its 27th stage, precisely in Piazzale Lorusso (San Pasquale district). The event, scheduled from Friday 29 November to Sunday […] Find out more

The historic Mola di Bari

Under the sign of the sea: Mola di Bari, between history and traditions Mola di Bari is another town located about 18 kilometers south-east of the city of Bari. Its proximity to the Apulian capital makes it easily accessible, offering tourists the opportunity to explore the beauty of the Adriatic coast and immerse themselves in the […] Find out more

The sweet before returning

The Bari tradition before returning home, the croissant! Well yes, the palate is not in charge. In the evening, but especially on the weekend, the idea of ​​going to your trusted bar, or your friend's croissant, to enjoy a nice croissant before returning home is common. In Bari it is practically a ritual, in fact there are many [...] Find out more

The white city: Ostuni

The window overlooking the sea and the Itria Valley: the enchanting white city of Ostuni is that place that you cannot help but notice while traveling along the SS16 towards Brindisi. Called "the white city" by virtue of its row of white buildings visible even in the distance, Ostuni is a place with an ancient village style [...] Find out more

The mysterious Castel del Monte

The isolated castle on the hill: the mysterious Castel del Monte Among the many attractions to see in Puglia there is certainly also a wonderful medieval construction founded by Federico || of Swabia, i.e. Castel del Monte. This castle, located on a hill (540 meters high) in the Andria area, is one of the main […] Find out more

Natural wonders: the Castellana Caves

The spectacular Castellana Caves: a unique and unmissable experience in Puglia Together with Polignano a Mare and Alberobello, another location not to be missed in the surroundings of the province of Bari is undoubtedly and indisputably Castellana Grotte. Castellana Grotte is a town located on the Murgia dei Trulli plateau, in the province of Bari, and is famous […] Find out more

The elegance of Trani

Sea, monuments and clubs: the charm of the city of Trani Driving along the Bari ring road, towards Foggia (therefore towards the North), you will find several towns, including Trani. Trani is another seaside city characterized by a lovely seafront, full of commercial activities, and above all by two characteristic monuments: the Romanesque cathedral and […] Find out more

The medieval style of Giovinazzo

An evocative medieval village a few minutes from the Apulian capital Giovinazzo is a town in the province of Bari which enjoys an evocative and beautiful medieval style village. Entering the streets of its historic center means fully experiencing the history of this town which also has an ancient marina, a point of reference […] Find out more