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Treat yourself to a pleasant walk on the wall and enjoy the Bari seafront from above


 The wall of Bari Vecchia is  a real strong point of the San Nicola district, the neighborhood of the famous ancient village of the city.

Taking a walk on the walls allows you not only to walk around the entire perimeter area of ​​the old city and admire its architecture, but above all it allows you to enjoy an exclusive panorama such as the Bari seafront which, let us remember, is among the most beautiful and long ones of Italy.

A walk on the wall is the right opportunity to experience first-hand the origins of the city of Bari or to enjoy breathtaking sunsets if you are lucky you might see the passage of fishermen who, with their boats , make your experience on the walls of the historic center of Bari even more evocative.

Wall of Bari Vecchia in PugliaThe advice is to follow it starting from Piazza Ferrarese , the hub of the historic center of Bari and the nightlife, as well as the main access point to Bari Vecchia , up to the former monastery of Santa Scolastica , i.e. the current archaeological museum .
An ideal route to admire not only the perimeter area of ​​the historic center of Bari , but also everything that has always characterized it, the view of modern Bari and its splendid seafront (among the longest and most beautiful in Italy) .

During the journey you will find benches on which you can relax (or you could choose to lean directly on the wall) and if you get hungry you will be spoiled for choice; going down the wall , in the direction of the alleys of the historic center , you have bars, pubs and restaurants at your disposal.


Where is the wall of old Bari located?

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