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Most beautiful places to see in Italy? 8 reasons to visit Bari

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Most beautiful cities to visit?
8 good reasons to visit Bari, among the most beautiful Italian cities to see



Bari, a beautiful Italian city to visitIf you are reading this page it is probably because you have suddenly developed a desire to travel that has pushed you to search on the internet for the most beautiful places, in particular the cities, to visit in Italy (or perhaps even in the world) .

Well, after this introduction you will now discover why Bari could become one of the possible places for your desires, perhaps for a long weekend or for a nice summer holiday in Puglia .

But be careful not to underestimate the possibility of visiting this city and the surrounding area, even during the Christmas period. You will understand why later, but in the meantime let's try to discover immediately what are the 8 factors that lead Bari to become, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities to visit .

1) The historical heritage: Bari is beautiful to see

From the historic and characteristic seafront of Bari , among the longest and most beautiful in Europe, to the evocative alleys of old Bari , and then passing by the majestic Romanesque-Apulian style churches (above all the Basilica of San Nicola ) , beautiful and prestigious theaters (see the Petruzzelli theatre ) up to the archaeological and art museums, without forgetting the Norman-Swabian castle , the fortress of the old city.
Bari offers an architectural, historical, artistic and cultural heritage worthy of your best expectations and of the capital of Puglia ; a thousand-year history preserved over time and which still continues to generate strong interest for lovers of the theme.

2) Shopping and nightlife: Bari is a young city

Shopping in Bari, the most beautiful cities to visitFamous for its numerous activities and commercial exchanges, Bari has managed to maintain this trend over the years.

The city, in fact, enjoys a center that is the soul of shopping and whose most representative street is the beautiful Via Sparano (we are talking about the Murat district of Bari) , as well as the street that houses a historic building such as Palazzo Mincuzzi , a prestigious symbol and elegant of Bari trade. And what to say about the nightlife? Bari is simply full of clubs , original, evocative and full of young people, ranging from the heart of the city to its outskirts.

3) Sun and beaches: Bari is a seaside city

Italian cities beautiful beaches of BariIf you love seaside cities, then you will most likely love discovering the beaches of Bari and especially those in the surrounding area.

Bari , in fact, boasts two city beaches near the city center: these are Pane e Pomodoro , the famous beach called "dei baresi" and Torre Quetta , a second beach located slightly further south. These two beaches are the flower the flagship of the Bari summer and beyond, from here it is also possible to admire breathtaking sunsets. If you then want to discover other beaches or coves , then you can also decide to move around the city where you can find truly beautiful locations.

4) Typical Apulian flavours: in Bari you eat well

Eating Orecchiette Baresi PugliaBari is not only renowned for its ancient village , the seafront and the climate , Bari also boasts an excellent opinion among tourists regarding good food .

Those who come to Bari , in fact, have the opportunity to taste the tasty Bari orecchiette , the fresh pasta now known throughout the world. And what about the many typical products of this area? From focaccia to fried panzerotto , from sgagliozze to calciomuss , up to raw seafood from Bari and many other typical Apulian dishes that only here can be enjoyed in an authentic and unmistakable way.
A vast choice that you cannot give up and, above all, not tell your friends about. But don't let me tell you, live it!

5) Warm temperatures: Bari has a wonderful climate

Bari's climate is among the most beautiful places in the worldOne of the factors that undoubtedly facilitates your stay in Bari is that relating to temperatures .

Bari , and the Apulian territory in general, enjoy often favorable atmospheric conditions which imply not very cold winters (with temperatures that on average fluctuate between 10° and 15°) and very hot summers (sometimes even reaching 40°). °) . This means that visiting the city is a pleasure regardless of the time of year chosen, however, if you need advice on the best times to visit Bari, it is certainly advisable to do it in a period between April and October , therefore 7 months in available to enjoy Bari and its surroundings in peace.

6) The magic of Christmas: Bari is the city of Santa Claus

Bari city to see at Christmas Santa ClausHow can you not think of experiencing Christmas Santa Claus ' city ?

Bari is the heart of Christmas more than you might imagine since Santa Claus is inspired by Saint Nicholas , the Patron Saint of the city of Bari, protector of Amsterdam and source of inspiration for the image of Santa Claus around the world . A very important aspect for Bari which leads the city to prepare for the occasion by illuminating the streets and squares of the city starting from 6 December, the day of Saint Nicholas . A suggestive atmosphere in Bari, where Christmas can be felt in the air of the alleys of old Bari , with the magic of the lights, and in the fantastic Basilica of San Nicola . Simply unmissable.

7) Geographical position: Bari is in the heart of Puglia

Bari Italian city to see in PugliaAre you interested in discovering some treasures of Puglia ? Then you will choose to stay in Bari .

Bari is practically in the heart of Puglia , positioned in an area that allows you to reach, in a very short time, some of the most characteristic places in this region. Some examples? If you decided to move to Polignano a Mare you would do so in just 20 minutes by car, while the splendid Trulli of Alberobello , (a UNESCO heritage site) and the Castellana Caves are 50 and 40 minutes away respectively. Or, for the more daring, it is possible to reach another UNESCO heritage site such as the Sassi of Matera on the border of Puglia ! Yes, you understood correctly, we are essentially talking about Basilicata whose distance from Bari is about 50 minutes by car.
In short, as you will have understood, Bari can also prove to be a strategic reference for your itineraries thanks to a virtuous geographical position which allows you to quickly reach some wonderful corners of Puglia and beyond . A significant added value.

8) Car, train, ship, plane: Bari is easy to reach

Reaching Bari is among the most beautiful to seeLast, but not least, is the issue of transportation .

On this aspect you just have to choose the best solution for your needs. Bari , in fact, is equipped with everything you need to reach it easily and quickly: motorway, port, international airport and train station , here there is really nothing missing. A city, therefore, tourist-proof and which responds perfectly to every mode of transport that, in the event, you decide to adopt to reach this area.

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