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The best viewpoints to enjoy the Bari seafront

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Admire one of the longest seafronts in Europe: the 5 best viewpoints not to be missed

Bari seafront viewpointWhen you arrive in Bari the seafront is one of those places that you can't help but visit.

With its dense array of street lamps (197 to be exact) the seafront characterizes the coast of the capital and becomes one of the major attractions of the splendid Apulian .

But what you are surely wondering at this moment is whether there are areas of Bari from which it is possible to admire this wonderful landscape in its entirety.

The answer is obviously yes, and when you discover these places it will be a long time before you decide to leave because the spectacle that will present itself to your eyes will be worthy of your precious time.

Obviously it makes no difference whether it is morning or evening, the charm of one of the longest and most beautiful seafronts in Italy and Europe has the power to enchant anyone and at any time of the day.

After this brief introduction, let's move on to the substance, here are 4 points where you can have a breathtaking view of Bari and its splendid seafront.


Viewpoint from Molo San Nicola

Bari seafront viewpoint

Belvedere from Largo Giannella

Bari seafront panorama

Belvedere from Fortino Sant'Antonio

Bari seafront viewpoint

Near Molo Sant'Antonio

Molo Sant'Antonio Bari seafront

From Molo Sant'Antonio

Belvedere seafront Bari Puglia

The best point to take beautiful photographs of the seafront

On this page you have seen 5 of them, but here you will probably find the best point to see, from north to south, the entire Bari seafront! What are you waiting for? Check out this article now!

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