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What to see in Bari on foot? 5 attractions to visit

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Wandering around Bari on foot? Here are some attractions you can see without means of transport



What to see in Bari on foot

Welcome to the splendid city of Bari , a jewel set in the heart of Puglia , where thousand-year-old history is intertwined with the lively contemporary atmosphere.

If you're ready to immerse yourself in the authentic essence of this coastal city, then get ready to put your legs in motion and its streets full of history and charm on foot

Don't worry, wandering around Bari on foot is absolutely not challenging, on the contrary, it is an unparalleled experience. A journey that will take you through ancient medieval streets, charming neighborhoods and fascinating views of the sea. In this article, therefore, we will take you on an exciting tour to discover five unmissable attractions that you can visit comfortably on foot without spending 1 euro on means of transport.

From the fascinating Romanesque churches to the lively shopping streets , Bari will capture you with its authenticity and timeless charm. Are you ready to leave for an unforgettable adventure? Lace up your shoes and get ready to discover everything Bari has to offer.


1) The unmissable stop: old Bari

Old Bari on foot

In the beating heart of Bari , stands the evocative labyrinth of narrow alleys and suggestive houses: this is Bari Vecchia , the oldest part of the city.

Here, every step reveals a fragment of history, from the imposing Norman walls to the majestic Swabian castle, silent witnesses of bygone eras. Getting lost in the alleys of Bari Vecchi means immersing yourself in a timeless journey, among ancient churches, picturesque courtyards and authentic restaurants where you can savor the typical Apulian cuisine. An experience to be enjoyed with all the senses, between sea scents and bright colours, which will leave you enchanted by the magical atmosphere of this charming historic neighbourhood .


2) The inevitable walk along the Bari seafront

Walk along the Bari seafront

The Bari seafront offers a breathtaking experience along the shores of the Adriatic Sea. With the soothing sound of waves gently crashing onto the coast, this stunning coastal attraction offers spectacular views of a crystal-clear sea that stretches beyond its horizon.

Along the way, you can admire the evocative scenery of the fishermen's boats rocking on the cobalt blue waters. With cafes overlooking the sea and clubs that liven up the evening, Bari's seafront is the ideal place to immerse yourself in local life and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of this Apulian coast, the longest in Europe and among the most characteristic of the world.

3) The theater on the sea, your postcard from Bari

Margherita Theater on the sea on foot

The Margherita Theatre , a splendid and characteristic architectural jewel built on the sea, stands as a distinctive symbol of the Bari skyline . This wonder of Art Nouveau , with its colorful façade and its elegant structure, enchants the eyes of visitors from the first glance.

Located right on the seafront , this one-of-a-kind theater offers not only high quality shows, but also an incomparable natural spectacle: the sunset over the sea that stands out behind the structure, giving unforgettable emotions. An experience that combines art, architecture and nature, making the Margherita Theater an unmissable symbol for anyone who wishes to savor the cultural and landscape essence of Bari .


4) Leisure and shopping in the famous Via Sparano

Shopping on foot via Firano

Via Sparano , the renowned shopping artery of Bari , attracts visitors from every corner of the world with its elegance and variety. Here, among historic buildings and glittering shop windows, fashion lovers can immerse themselves in a shopping , where big names mix with designer boutiques and historic shops.

Traveling along this street means not only satisfying every shopping desire, but also immersing yourself in the most famous and authentic shopping street in Bari, to experience first-hand the lively city atmosphere with trendy cafes and picturesque commercial activities. Via Sparano is the ideal place for a walk full of style and glamour, where every corner reserves a surprise for lovers of fashion, big names and good taste.


5) A bow in front of the Petruzzelli Theatre

See Bari on foot Petruzzelli Theater

The Petruzzelli Theatre , majestic and imposing, stands as an icon of culture and art in Bari .

With its sumptuous facade and richly decorated interior, this theater enchants spectators with its timeless elegance and illustrious history. In addition to being a prestigious setting for famous Italian films and highly popular shows, the Petruzzelli Theater is also a place where art and entertainment enthusiasts can experience memorable and fascinating emotions. Within its walls, talent is expressed in all its magnificence, transforming each performance into a unique and engaging experience. With its aura of grandeur and its rich and varied programming throughout the year, the Petruzzelli Theater is an essential attraction for anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Bari culture .


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