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The elegance of one of the most characteristic streets in the center of Bari: discover the lounges of Via Sparano


Via Sparano center Bari Puglia

Welcome to the living room of Bari , the most famous central street frequented by shopping .
Via Sparano is the main artery of the heart of the city, a pedestrian street more than half a kilometer long that starts from the vicinity of the historic center, Bari Vecchia , and ends at the railway station of the capital, as well as Piazza Aldo Moro .
It is no coincidence that at the beginning of this article we defined Via Sparano as the " living room of Bari" , in fact, after the restyling project completed in 2018, this street now enjoys an even more elegant appearance thanks to the creation of 7 living rooms, each with its own name and associated characteristics.

Bari in the evening they shoot awayEach block of Via Sparano corresponds to a different lounge, specifically: the Porta Vecchia lounge , the fashion lounge , the cult lounge , the liberty lounge , the literary lounge , the Piazza Umberto lounge and finally the music lounge.

Those listed are the urban-architectural aspects that characterize this central street of Bari (in addition to Palazzo Mincuzzi , symbol of commerce on Via Sparano ), but another aspect undoubtedly worth mentioning is that relating to commercial activities, i.e. the presence of numerous shops which every day attract the interest of Bari and tourists ; also marked an era in Via Sparano

Obviously Via Sparano is not the only street hosting commercial activities, but as you will later notice during your experience in Bari , the parallel streets and their respective side streets are also full of shops, bars and restaurants. In short, the center of Bari is not only one of the 10 things to absolutely see when you are in the Apulian capital, but also one of the attractions that will remain in your memory the most.

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