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6 strategic points where you can see the most beautiful sunsets in Bari

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Where to see the sunset in Bari?
Here are 6 areas that will make you fall in love with the Bari sunsets in Puglia

Sunrise and sunset Bari PugliaYou don't need to be particularly romantic to think about seeing them, you simply need to want to discover new "horizons", such as those of the Apulian capital .

The sunsets offered by Bari are something extraordinarily fascinating thanks to the winning combination of sky and sea ; a conglomerate of shades that reflect and blend in the water, giving the people of Bari and tourists sunsets with brilliant and crazy colors worthy of the most beautiful covers of tourist magazines.

The flashes of light from the Bari skyline immerse the city of Bari , and sometimes they are so intense that it is almost necessary to use a pair of sunglasses to be able to observe them in their majesty.

Having said this premise, now all that remains is for you to discover which are the most beautiful places to fully enjoy these wonderful sunsets offered by Bari . In the city there are so many places from which you can see and immortalize them, however there are always more suitable places to admire them at their best and take a nice souvenir photo of your experience in Puglia .

Are you wondering what these places are? All you have to do is continue scrolling the page, you will find what according to BariExperience can be the ideal areas to see breathtaking sunsets that you will hardly forget... GUARANTEED.

Here are 6 strategic areas that will give you an sunset during your trip to Bari , the capital of the splendid PUGLIA !

The Sunset from the Waterfront

The most classic of those in Bari , the sunset seen directly from the seafront , perhaps from Largo Giannella , in the heart of the Bari coast. Here you will be able to see old Bari in a frame of colorful shades and with the waves in the background.

See sunset along the Bari seafront

The sunset seen from the beach

And what about the sunset seen from Pane e Pomodoro ? A nice beach towel, a drink and a lot of amazement while admiring the sunset while the sand pampers your feet. One of the best things about the beach in the city? Definitely this one.

The Sunset from Torre Quetta

If you love beaches, and appreciate the sunset from Pane e Pomodoro , then you will also be able to appreciate the one seen from another beach, Torre Quetta . This beach is located a few hundred meters ahead of bread and tomatoes, going south.

Beaches Bari Puglia Torre Quetta

Sunset from the Fortress of Bari Vecchia

And after the sunset seen from the sea, here is the sunset seen from the land , or rather, from above, precisely from the wall. Where? you will surely appreciate the view seen from the fort of Sant'Antonio.

Sunsets Wall Bari Vecchia

The Sunset seen from the Lighthouse

Obviously, the sunset seen from the lighthouse area . On one side an imposing structure (one of the symbols of Bari) , on the other the spectacle offered by the horizon, perhaps in the company of a nice ice cream from the adjacent bars.

Sunset lighthouse Bari Puglia

Sunsets in the northernmost area

Just ahead of the lighthouse, exactly towards the exhibition area , is another interesting point from which you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset, one of those where you can see the sun immerse itself in the sea.

Sunset from the Bari Puglia seafront

Treat yourself to an emotion in the sea of ​​Puglia

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