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Puglia, the best Italian coast and at the top of the tourists' preferences.

Where to go on vacation? Puglia queen of summer 2022: clean sea and favorite destination for Italian vacationers


Mare pulito Italia Puglia spiagge pugliesi

The trend of recent years was quite evident, but that this is a flourishing period for Puglia is now a certainty that involves several aspects.

First of all, according to the results that emerged from the analyzes of "Goletta verde" (Legambiente), it seems that our sea is in very good health since 99% of our waters have a quality "excellent for bathing" , such as to be able to consider Puglia as the best Italian coastal region on the subject. Are you curious to know the village that, in the Bari area, has obtained an important recognition? Obviously the inevitable Polignano a Mare (20 minutes from Bari, the capital of Puglia) .

Not only that, a new survey, this time by SWG on behalf of Confcommercio, reveals another very interesting news that confirms what has been seen recently, namely that Puglia is confirmed as the favorite destination of those who decide to stay in Italy for the holidays (9 out of 10 Italians) with 44% of these who opted for sea , beaches and splendid Apulian villages (especially in Valle d'Itria) .

A ranking that sees Puglia once again in the lead, as well as proclaimed queen of summer. After Puglia, there are the Romagna Riviera, Tuscany and Sicily.

Give yourself an emotion in the sea of ​​Puglia

Opportunities to fully enjoy your experience in Puglia! And if you have an unexpected problem, the cancellation is FREE .

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