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Pane e Pomodoro, the beach on the Bari seafront a few steps from the city center.


Pane e Pomodoro is the famous beach of Bari , a beach open to anyone who wants, perhaps after a walk along the Bari seafront , to lie down and get some sun or simply take a bath.

Yes, because on Pane e Pomodoro beach there is everything a person needs for entertainment; there are sea , sand , rocks , gardens, wooden platforms, areas with pebbles and gravel.

Furthermore there are also services, in fact there is no shortage of bar, bathrooms, showers, lifeguards and assistance staff for bathers. The most interesting thing, however, is that all this is a stone's throw from the city center of Bari.

Pane e Pomodoro is in fact located at the end of its seafront , following it towards the south, and enjoys a beautiful panorama in which it is possible to admire in the distance, in addition to the seafront itself, also the Margherita theatre , the Basilica of San Nicola , the very high bell tower of the cathedral of San Sabino as well as Bari Vecchia with its walls .


CURIOSITY: why is it called Bread and Tomato?

The name of the beach wants to reflect the traditions of many people from Bari who frequented this area when it was not yet so equipped; in fact it was the habit of the Bari to go and get some sun on the beach and have a snack of bread and tomatoes.
This habit has obviously not been lost, indeed it has been accompanied by a typical local product such as focaccia ; Pane e Pomodoro beach every year for a selfie, a swim and a tan are also well aware of this.

Bread and tomato beach Bari Puglia

Low tide Pane e Pomodoro beach Bari 2022
Bread and tomato beach Bari
Pane e Pomodoro Beach Bari Puglia
Pane e Pomodoro Beach Bari Puglia

Where is Pane e Pomodoro located?

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