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Saint Nicholas in Bari: the program of the celebration

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The program of the three days most awaited by the people of Bari: 7-8-9 May the feast of San Nicola returns


Saint Nicholas celebration program in Bari

Like every year on 7, 8 and 9 May the city comes alive with an extraordinary celebration in honor of San Nicola , the patron saint of the city.

The feast of Saint Nicholas , in fact, is a unique event that stands out for its vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Although the main religious festival takes place on 6 December , with the participation of numerous faithful, pilgrims and visitors who crowd the Basilica of San Nicola for religious ceremonies and to watch the evocative historical procession, it is on 7, 8 and 9 May that the entire city is transformed into a great stage of celebration and tradition.

During these days, Bari dresses up with cultural, musical and folkloristic events that enliven the streets and squares, offering a unique and engaging experience for all those who participate. The atmosphere is full of emotion and pride for one's identity and tradition, while the streets are animated by historical processions, local gastronomy and many people from Bari (and for some time now also tourists).

No matter where you come from, San Nicola will welcome you with open arms during these unforgettable days in Bari, giving you an experience that will remain etched in your memories forever.

Curious to discover the program of events and celebrations that characterize this festival? Let's find out together what the main events of the feast of Saint Nicholas are.

7 May: embarkation of the painting and historical procession

Saint Nicholas Bari party program

6.00 pm
After procession and holy mass, loading of the painting of the Saint from Baia San Giorgio

8.30 pm
Departure of the Historical Procession from the Norman-Swabian Castle (old Bari)

10.00 pm
Passage of the procession in Corso Vittorio Emanuele with arrival in the Basilica of San Nicola


8 May: statue embarkation and fireworks

Embarkation statue feast of San Nicola Bari

5.00 am
Holy Mass in the Basilica of San Nicola

10.00 am
Boarding of the Saint from the San Nicola Pier

4.00 pm
If scheduled, National Acrobatic Team on the Bari seafront (Frecce Tricolori)
Exhibition every two years

8.00 pm
Disembarkation of the statue from the San Nicola Pier and procession to in Piazza del Ferrarese

at 10.00 pm
Fireworks show from Molo Sant'Antonio in honor of San Nicola

9 May: the relics and the feast of the Bari people

6.00 pm
Holy mass in the Basilica of San Nicola and collection of sacred manna

10.00 pm
Fireworks show from Molo Sant'Antonio for the celebration of the people of Bari

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