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Small and pretty: Cala Copacabana

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A ladder carved into the rock leads to a small paradise: Cala Copacabana, in Monopoli.


Monopoli sea beach PugliaThere are places where you don't need to spend money to admire their beauty.
Cala Copacabana is undoubtedly one of these: it is precisely one of the many lovely coves in Monopoli (province of Bari ) which can be accessed thanks to a characteristic ladder, carved into the rock, to allow anyone to enjoy this little paradise and to spend a day at the seaside away from the typical chaos of large beaches .
It is basically a piece of beach created and surrounded by the typical rock of the Apulian coast , bathed by a clear , almost crystalline , with a sandy bottom and not even very deep.
Another interesting detail is that this small free beach , being in the middle of an imposing cliff , allows you to remain more sheltered from possible gusts of wind typical of the mistral .

So if the idea is to spend a day in a typical Apulian cove, Cala Copacabana certainly be one of your preferences, after all this cove is not too far from Bari (about 30 minutes by car).

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However, if you are lucky enough to find accommodation directly in Monopoli , you would probably reach it in less than 10 minutes ( Cala Copacabana is located exactly in the southernmost area of ​​the splendid Monopoli ).

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