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Beaches in Bari or near Bari: between coves, free beaches and historic beaches

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From beaches and city beaches to suggestive coves near Bari: discover the sea of ​​the Bari coast


Beaches in Bari and historic beachesIf you are planning a holiday in Bari , as well as in the capital of Puglia, then you cannot miss the opportunity to visit some of the most popular and popular beaches

The stretch of coast of Bari , in fact, offers a variety of options that will satisfy all tastes: from free beaches and pristine coves to beaches equipped with all comforts for young people and families. There would be so many to point out, however those you will find here are just a very small taste of the potential that you could exploit when you arrive in Bari. Yes, because moving both towards the North and towards the South there is an incredible amount of places to relax and have a bathe in the crystal clear waters of this splendid area. Having said this premise, let's get straight to the point; here is a short list of some beaches that might catch your attention during your trip to Bari and its immediate surroundings.

1) Pane e Pomodoro Beach (Bari)

Bari Pane e Pomodoro beachLet's start from the heart of Bari , with Pane e Pomodoro beach . This is one of the most historic and popular beaches of Bari, located on the famous Bari seafront , a few minutes from the historic center. With its fine, golden sand and crystal clear sea, Pane e Pomodoro is the ideal place for those seeking relaxation without straying too far from the city. The beach is free, but also offers services such as showers and picnic areas. Ideal for families and young people.

2) Torre Quetta beach (Bari)

Torre Quetta beach BariContinuing south of Bari along the coast , we find Torre Quetta . This beach is particularly appreciated for its relaxed atmosphere and its panoramic position. It offers a combination of sand and pebbles and its clear waters are good for a refreshing swim. Torre Quetta is well equipped with bars, restaurants and children's play areas, making it an excellent choice for a day at the beach with the family too.

3) Lido Il Tampolino (Bari)

Lido Il Trampolino is a historic establishment in Bari .
sandy area with useful services for families such as umbrellas, sunbeds, bar and restaurant. Alternatively, for those who don't like sand, there is also a comfortable platform built on the rocks, always equipped for relaxation. The calm and clean waters make this beach also ideal for children.

4) Lido San Francesco (Bari)

Lido beach San Francesco BariLido San Francesco is another historic establishment in Bari . Located in the western part of the city, this lido offers a clean and well-maintained beach, with umbrellas and sunbeds available for rental. The sea here is calm and transparent, ideal for those who love swimming or simply relaxing on the shoreline. Furthermore, the lido has excellent catering services, where you can enjoy delicious fresh fish dishes.

5) Waterfront of San Girolamo (Bari)

Free beach Waterfront San Girolamo BariThe San Girolamo Waterfront is a recent addition to the Bari coast which is rapidly becoming one of the city's main attractions. This seaside area, in fact, has been redeveloped with modern and equipped beaches, ideal for panoramic walks and moments of relaxation. Always full of families, young people and children, this city beach in the San Girolamo district cannot help but attract your attention if you go to the northernmost area of ​​Bari.

6) Free Sant'Andrea Beach (Bari)

Free beach, Torre a MareThe Free Beach of Sant'Andrea , located near the Lido del Carabiniere (Torre a Mare district) , is an unusual place for those seeking tranquility and contact with nature. This free beach is characterized by a very small space of fine sand but with wonderful crystal clear waters, ideal for a relaxing swim. An unusual option for those who prefer to move slightly away from the city center and discover small hidden corners .

7) Las Palmas (Mussels)

Bari beach Mussels Las PalmasLas Palmas , located in the town of Cozze , is a meeting point that combines relaxation and good sea . With its characteristic cliff and crystal clear waters, it offers an ideal and friendly environment for groups of friends thanks to its small bar on the sea (called Las Palmas) where you can relax with drinks and typical local delicacies. An unpretentious location, but with what you need for a few hours by the sea .

8) Lido Coco Beach (Mussels)

Also in Cozze , Lido Coco Beach is an unmissable destination for those looking for a mix of relaxation and recreational activities. The beach establishment , full of services including umbrellas, sunbeds, bar, restaurant and even swimming pool, is well looked after and positioned on very beautiful waters. It is the ideal place for those who want to spend a day of relaxation and well-being, especially for families with children .

9) San Vito Beach (Polignano a Mare)

Beach near Bari San Vito PolignanoThe San Vito beach, on the outskirts of the splendid Polignano a Mare, deserves a special mention. This enchanting beach is famous for its Benedictine abbey overlooking the sea. The waters are clear and inviting, ideal for a regenerating swim. San Vito , really small, offers a quiet and picturesque atmosphere, curious for those who want to take unforgettable photos and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Puglia .

10) Cala Paura (Polignano a Mare)

Cala Paura Polignano a Mare area , is a small and suggestive cove set between the cliffs . The clear and calm waters make it perfect for a regenerating swim. The beach is surrounded by a picturesque and characteristic frame of white rocks which make it ideal for taking souvenir photos of this experience in Puglia . An interesting place for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty.

11) Porto Cavallo (Polignano a Mare)

Porto Cavallo is another little gem in the Polignano a Mare area . This beach offers a mix of sand and rocks, with crystal clear waters that invite you to dive. Particularly appreciated for its serene atmosphere (also sheltered from the winds) it is a place with typical architecture of these areas that is worth visiting.


The beaches of Bari and its surroundings offer something for everyone: from hidden coves to well-equipped beaches, there is always a corner of paradise waiting for you. Whether you want to relax under the sun, explore the seabed or enjoy a family day out, this Apulian coast has everything you need to make your holiday unforgettable.

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