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The suggestive beach of San Vito

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The San Vito Beach, a small gem in the Polignano a Mare area


San Vito beach in Polignano a MareThe beach of San Vito , about 3 km from the beautiful Polignano a Mare , is a very suggestive that many of you will be curious to discover during your holidays in Puglia , especially if you decide to stay near Bari .

This small and pretty beach , made up of a mix of sand, rocks and pebbles, is also characterized by real natural open-air pools with very shallow seabed, making it ideal for families and children.

The beach of San Vito is located in an area to the side of the small port (there is a path that leads to the beach and the historic Saracen Tower built practically on the sea ) as well as in front of the San Vito seafront , whose Its characteristic monument is the abbey built around the 10th century, a structure imposing enough to be visible even from the ring road before arriving in the town .

Beautiful beaches in Puglia San Vito

But what makes Polignano a Mare characteristic and attractive is undoubtedly its small port , located practically at the foot of this abbey and in the center of the town.
San Vito Polignano near Bari
An interesting idea to fully enjoy all the benefits offered by this place could also be to have lunch in one of the restaurants in the area, located precisely close to the sea ; a right combination to reconcile nature with the flavors of the lands of Puglia San Vito in style .

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San Vito is near Polignano

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