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At the seaside in the historic center of Monopoli

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A small beach with crystal clear sea in the heart of the ancient village of Monopoli


Monopoli Puglia 5 sails LegambienteCala Porta Vecchia is a small beach that rises at the foot of the ancient defense walls of the city of Monopoli .

Its context, combined with the clean and crystalline sea , typical of the area (place in the province of Bari), gives this interesting cove a truly evocative and picturesque setting.

Thanks to a rather shallow seabed, the sea becomes practically accessible to anyone, men, women and children, allowing tourists to enjoy not only the waters of Monopoli (also awarded by Legambiente sails), but also to enjoy a truly characteristic and typical of the Apulian .

Cala Porta Vecchia Monopoli Puglia

This beach is also free and is located close to the historic center of Monopoli , a city that can be reached in half an hour by car starting from Bari . If you are looking for a quiet place where you can enjoy a beautiful sea and a characteristic , you certainly cannot help but consider this location.

Where is Cala Porta Vecchia located?

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