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Among the splendid beaches of Chapter, Monopoli

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Sea, sand and relaxation: discover the free beaches of Chapter, a town near Monopoli


Sea beaches surrounding Bari Chapter MonopoliThere is a place near Monopoli , in the province of Bari , that when you discover it you will certainly no longer be able to do without it.
This is Capitol , a mainly summer resort literally stormed by people from Bari and tourists in the periods between June and August .

On this splendid coast , in addition to the numerous and beautiful bathing establishments, there are (obviously) also stretches of beach with free access to the sea , and what beaches! Yes, because the ones in Chapter are expanses of sand that blend perfectly with a clear and decidedly inviting blue (sometimes green) .

Free beaches Chapter Monopoli Puglia

The one proposed on this page is only one of the free beaches present on the long coast of Campidoglio , but there are several areas with free access . In this case, this beach is located in the southernmost area , located exactly between two beaches that we cite as reference points to have a clear idea of ​​the position, i.e. between Lido Sabbia d'Oro and Lido Le Macchie ; the advice is to leave the car in one of the areas dedicated to car parking (perhaps in front of the Lido Sabbia d'oro) and continue on foot towards the access to the sea, recognizable by a dark gate located right on the avenue (a 2 minute walk from the car park) .

Like all free beaches it is not possible to use the services, however thanks to the numerous beach establishments nearby, no one is stopping you from reaching a bar to have a coffee, an aperitif or a tasty ice cream.

Chapter , in all probability, is one of the places that you will hardly be able to give up during your experience in Bari in the summer period , just think of the many people from Bari who move to the surroundings of Monopoli to take advantage of the beautiful sea and the many happy hours in area organized on Sunday at the end of a splendid sunny day.

Free beach Chapter Monopoli Puglia

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