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For lovers of rocks, why not suggest Mussels? A small town near Bari  


Sea beautiful beaches near BariWho knows how many of you prefer rocks to sand , partly because you find sand annoying, partly because you would probably like to avoid particularly crowded places with the risk of seeing your beach towel literally buried in the sand .

Well, if your idea is to avoid all this, but above all you don't want to go too far from Bari , Cozze is the place for you.
Cozze is a town not far from Bari which will allow you to enjoy not only an interesting cliff but above all an exceptional, clear and clean sea .

The choice of the place in which to stop to get some sun and have a nice swim is very subjective (it always depends on everyone's tastes or needs) , however an interesting point of reference could be an area at the height of Las Palmas .
What is Las Palmas? basically it is a typical seaside restaurant, very nice and recognizable thanks to a large white kiosk.

In this area of ​​the Cozze seafront you have the opportunity to eat, drink and also sit in the shade thanks to some tables with attached umbrellas made available by the restaurant.

Sea Mussels near Bari Las Palmas

So if this place has also convinced you, then all you have to do is gather your friends and go there immediately. Cozze is not very far from Bari , a reason that pushes many people from Bari (including myself) to go there to enjoy a few hours of relaxation without traveling too far.
And if you also want to try focaccia... know that there is an excellent focaccia shop !
Are you still thinking about it? 😉

Where is Mussels located?

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