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A small beach in Torre a Mare

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Another free beach near Bari? Discover a small place – without pretensions – near Torre a Mare


Sea beaches near Bari PugliaIf you are looking for a place where you can spend a few hours at the seaside without going too far from Bari , this small (but really small) piece of beach could certainly meet your expectations.

This is a glimpse of the coast located immediately after Torre a Mare (going towards Brindisi) which will allow you to enjoy a clear sea and a few grains of sand .

The area in question, in fact, is mainly composed of rocks and is frequented by all those who wish to spend a few carefree hours away from the chaos of the city but still close to the capital; this very small beach , as already mentioned before, is located near Torre a Mare , the famous neighborhood in the south of Bari with its lovely marina, an interesting detail especially if your accommodation is located right near this location.

Obviously, since it is a free beach in the middle of a stretch of coast characterized mainly by rocks, this area does not have any type of service, so it is most likely not a very suitable beach for families, or at least it will be necessary adapt so as not to be disappointed.

Beach near Torre a Mare Bari

Another small indication, the beach is not very easy to reach, in the sense that there are no indications to get there, however the only useful reference to get there is the "Lido del Carabiniere", a beach for which there is an indication that it leads from the coplanar of the ring road to the beach itself; you will find the beach in question exactly at the end of this lido (therefore immediately after the Lido del Carabiniere, along a dirt path) .

Of course, this place is certainly in a somewhat inconvenient position compared to other beaches that are certainly easier to reach, but the sea that awaits you will not make you regret having arrived there, after all the images speak for themselves.

Beaches Torre a Mare Bari Puglia

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