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Investing in bricks in Bari: discover trends and forecasts

Real estate investments in Puglia: Bari, Monopoli and Polignano idea Discover the Bari real estate market and the investment opportunities! If you are thinking of buying a house in the lively city of Bari, now is the right time. Despite the increase in interest rates, real estate remains a certain and profitable investment, especially for […] Find out more

3 good reasons to make real estate investments in Bari

Tourist real estate: why the rush has started on Bari and which investment methods The purchase of a property as a form of investment is becoming increasingly popular in Bari and its province. Not only and not so much for simple rental but also to use it as an accommodation facility and/or renovate it with the aim of selling it […] Find out more

Do you love Puglia and would like to buy a house? Here's what to know

Sponsored The dream of many foreign tourists is to be able to buy a house in Puglia. Here are some guidelines Are you looking for a house in Puglia? The requests of foreign buyers to buy a house in Puglia (Italy), for investment use or to live there in certain periods of the year, are not concentrated only in cities such as Bari, Polignano and [… ] Find out more

Would you like to live in Bari?

SPONSORED Feeling more from Bari than tourist: Here are some suggestions for investing and buying a house in Bari This section of the blog is dedicated to real estate tourism, as well as to those who wish to experience Bari (the capital of the splendid Puglia), who want to feel like they are from Bari and no longer simple tourists. For this reason we put our knowledge at your disposal […] Find out more