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Investing in bricks in Bari: discover trends and forecasts


Real estate investments in Puglia: Bari, Monopoli and Polignano idea



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Discover the Bari real estate market and investment opportunities!

If you are thinking of buying a house in the lively city of Bari, now is the right time. Despite the increase in interest rates, real estate remains a safe and profitable investment, especially for freelancers who are currently the main buyers.


How is the real estate market in Bari?

This is an absolutely positive time to buy a property . The "brick" remains the safest and most profitable form of investment in difficult times and with the price of money rising.

Who mainly buys?

Today the biggest buyers are freelancers. Instead, traders who are in difficulty have slowed down, as have middle-class and more limited families.

But will rates continue to rise?

Unfortunately yes for a while longer.
However, it is necessary to highlight one aspect: current rates are absolutely in line with a growing economy, the real problem is that we have all become accustomed to very low rates, the consequence of a period of profound economic and financial crisis. Therefore now everyone is scared by these sudden increases. However, some people forget that our parents took out mortgages at rates of 14/15% . The markets need trust and the first to have trust must be real estate consultants.

In which neighborhoods do you recommend buying a house in Bari?

The city of Bari is acquiring more and more real estate interest , let's analyze where:

1) The Murat district is one of the most popular areas of the moment by those who are looking for a home in Bari. Located between Corso Cavour and Piazza della Libertà, it is famous for its presence of the Petruzzelli Theater

2) San Nicola – Bari Vecchia , the beating heart of the city, is the perfect choice for those who, having a large budget at their disposal, want to look for a home in a neighborhood rich in history.

Is it worth investing in properties in Monopoli and Polignano?

Buying a house in Monopoli and Polignano to earn an income is very convenient, however at the moment the prices are astronomical and the offer is limited. Especially facing the sea , you have to go to the hills or countryside if you really want to find something.

More information
To buy a house without risk, contact an expert , Pietro Palermo of the REMAX Stella Polare Agency , who can support and direct you.

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