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3 good reasons to make real estate investments in Bari

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Tourist real estate: why the race has started on Bari and which investment methods



Real estate tourism Bari Puglia

The purchase of a property as a form of investment is becoming increasingly popular in Bari and its province . Not only and not so much for simple rental but also to use it as an accommodation facility and/or renovate it with the aim of selling it at a higher price.

To choose the property to invest in, type and location, you need to clearly understand which target you are aiming for: tourists, students, off-site workers, families . Let's look at the three reasons together:

1) Buy a house to rent it

In Bari , people are constantly looking for properties for rent. Why? T he majority of apartment rental offers now concern short periods for tourism purposes; therefore the rental market for longer periods, which concerns for example families, students or professionals, is growing strongly throughout the city of Bari as are the rents.

2) Buy the property, split it up and resell it at a higher price

The advantage of this solution is to purchase a large property, traditionally difficult to sell, and divide it into several residential units, aiming to resell them after having increased their value and thus have an interesting margin . To carry out this renovation operation it is necessary to be aware of the market and the potential buyer who could be interested in the home.

3) Holiday homes or short-term rentals

The third type of investment is short-term rentals and holiday homes . This type of investment involves renting a house or room for short periods . During 2022, 1,886 adverts were published in Bari on the Airbnb , the increase compared to 2018 was 60%. More and more people, therefore, choose to stay in an apartment rather than in a hotel .

More information
To make money with risk-free income properties you must acquire the right property, in a strategic area, carefully evaluate the operation in all technical, legal and fiscal aspects and re-evaluate the accommodation to make it attractive to the potential tenant. To better understand how a successful long-term real estate transaction is carried out, contact an expert who can support and guide you .

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