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The crystal clear sea of ​​Cala Susca, Monopoli

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A cove with sand and a crystal clear sea: Cala Susca, just outside Monopoli


Sea beaches near Bari MonopoliIf you are looking for a very comfortable cove with sand Monopoli area (half an hour's drive from Bari) , then you will also consider Cala Susca .

The impact you have when you arrive in this cove is that of an almost heavenly panorama; this is demonstrated by the many tourists who, having arrived on site, immediately start taking photos from above (the cove has a large dirt car park with a downward passage towards the small free beach) . The sea of ​​Cala Susca , in fact, almost leaves you speechless with its transparency and its changing colours, and leaves no room for other thoughts, except for that desire to undress and dive in within a few minutes of your arrival.

The cove , as already mentioned, is characterized not only by an imposing cliff but also by a small (but not so small) recess of sand , ideal for those who love visiting the coves but don't have much sympathy for the rocks, as well as for families who they can enjoy this space to entertain children too.


Cala Susca cove Monopoli Puglia

The interesting aspect of this Monopoli cove is the possibility of combining all the beauty of a typical Apulian cove with the usefulness of the services offered by a lido in the adjacent area; thanks to this beach, in fact, you can step away from your umbrella for a few minutes to enjoy a good coffee, or an ice cream or a nice piadina for those who perhaps haven't had time to prepare a packed lunch, as well as all the typical services of a lido since entry to the facility is obviously free. A good reason to stop by this beach? There is a beautiful stone arch , characterized by a blue gate, which overlooks the sea of ​​this splendid sandy cove ; a real door to the sea where it is impossible not to take a nice souvenir photo of your experience in Cala Susca .

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