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Wonders of Puglia, Lama Monachile: the beach between the rocks of Polignano a Mare


Sea Beaches Puglia Polignano Lama MonachileIf you are looking for a cove that can represent one of the most beautiful expressions of the typical Apulian natural beauty , then you can only take into consideration this magnificent point, undoubtedly among the most beautiful places to visit at least once in your life in Puglia .

This beach was born at the foot of the historic center of Polignano a Mare , on the remains of an ancient stream. The beauty of its waters, extremely clear, and the houses built on the rock overlooking the sea offer tourists a suggestive and breathtaking landscape.

The beach is free and is made up of a mix of white pebbles, sand and cliffs. It is a truly beautiful location Polignano a Mare and the whole of Puglia .

Beaches coves Polignano Puglia

Every year there are many tourists, and not only them, who compete to grab the most comfortable place and the best perspective of this very particular area which, let us remember, is just 20 minutes from Bari .

If you decide to book a holiday in Puglia , and perhaps decide to stay in Bari , Lama Monachile will become a certain stop on your trip .

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Discover the hidden treasures of Polignano a Mare with a suggestive boat excursion and a tasty aperitif!

Where is Lama Monachile located?

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