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3 places to eat Focaccia in Bari Vecchia

Are you looking for the real Focaccia from Bari? Here are 3 bakeries in Bari Vecchia where you can try the taste of Focaccia. Relax, if you have landed on this page it is probably because you are trying to understand where you can eat the authentic Focaccia from Bari. Why authentic? Because on this page you will not only find advice on the best places to eat it, but you [...] Find out more

6 places to eat excellent fried panzerotti from Bari

Where to eat the traditional fried panzerotto in Bari? Here are 6 tips that will make your mouth water. Have you arrived in Bari and are wondering where to eat the delicious fried panzerotto from Bari? Then you are in the right place at the right time. Fried panzerotto is, together with focaccia, among the typical street food products [...] Find out more

The legendary Focaccia from Bari

Street food from Bari: here is the irresistible focaccia, famous throughout Italy, and beyond... Let's start from an assumption: when you arrive in Bari one of the first things you must do is taste the focaccia from Bari! Suffice it to say that it was awarded as the best in Italy at Fico Eatalyworld in Bologna. Focaccia in Bari is […] Find out more

Apulian breasts

Irresistible Apulian breasts: in Bari they are also called popizze. Apulian breasts, which in Bari are also called popizze, are pieces of fried leavened dough and, like sgagliozze, these are also among the typical products of Bari cuisine. These pancakes can be offered as an appetizer or simply can be enjoyed as a real […] Find out more

The fantastic Pizza from Bari

Thin, light, tasty: pizza from Bari is a delight. Who doesn't know pizza? Famous in Italy and around the world, pizza is undoubtedly among the Italian products most desired by palates... but have you ever tasted pizza from Bari? Well, if you haven't done it, do it! Pizza from Bari, unlike the Neapolitan one (another wonder [...] Find out more

The sweetest Sporcamuss

The closing of lunch and dinner with thesporcamuss. The "sporcamuss", which in Bari dialect stands for "dirty faces", are those desserts to which it is impossible to say no. It is a very simple puff pastry filled with cream and dusted with icing sugar; as simple as they are delicious and are normally pulled […] Find out more

Sins of gluttony: fried Panzerotto

From poor cuisine to a flagship product of street food: the tasty fried panzerotto! Fried panzerotto is a typical specialty of Bari and Puglia that has satisfied the palates of adults and children for many years. It is a dough, very similar to that of pizza, filled with tomato and mozzarella (as desired […] Find out more

The tasty Sgagliozze

The flavor of tradition: the sgagliozze of Bari in the alleys of the old city The sgagliozze is an ancient street tradition born in the alleys of the ancient village. It is polenta cut into square slices and fried in olive oil, normally served (after a sprinkling of fine salt) as an appetizer or sold […] Find out more

Spaghetti with mussels

Spaghetti with mussels: the scent of the sea at the table. It is one of the typical dishes to be enjoyed in Bari and throughout the rest of Puglia. It is a seafood first course with an unmistakable smell and which will allow you to fully enjoy your experience in Bari, a land rich in resources also […] Find out more