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The fantastic Pizza from Bari

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Thin, light, tasty: pizza from Bari is a delight


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Who doesn't know pizza ?
Famous in Italy and around the world, pizza is undoubtedly among the Italian products most desired by palates... but have you ever tasted pizza from Bari

Well, if you haven't done it, do it!
The pizza from Bari , unlike the Neapolitan one (another Italian wonder), is thinner, well leavened and topped in the vast majority of cases with excellent typical Apulian products .

Apulian products add further value to the taste of pizza , with mozzarella, burrata, stracciatelle and buffalo mozzarella from the best Apulian dairies which make Bari pizza a truly TOP product; not to mention the flakes of ricotta marzotica, the turnip greens and so on and so forth (there are so many ingredients available).

Food tour in BariIt goes without saying how many pizzerias you will find in Bari regardless of your area of ​​accommodation or reference. How do you want the pizza? takeaway? at the table? you're spoiled for choice, but it's impossible not to taste it.

Meanwhile, this blog suggests a winning combination: Pizza & Sea.
If you want to eat pizza and enjoy the smell of the Bari sea at the same time, the advice is to move to the San Cataldo district ( Faro so to speak); There you will find several restaurants/pizzerias right on the seashore.

Also in this case you can decide whether to take it away and enjoy it facing the sea (there are walls and spaces where you can lean on) or whether to be more comfortable by sitting in one of the places you will find in that area.

You decide, but don't leave Bari without tasting Bari pizza!

Do you want to discover Bari products?

Opportunities to fully experience the city! And if you have an unexpected event, cancellation is FREE .

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