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The sweetest Sporcamuss


The closing of lunch and dinner with the dirtymuss


The “sporcamuss” , which in Bari dialect stands for “dirty faces”, are those desserts to which it is impossible to say no.

It is a very simple puff pastry filled with cream and dusted with icing sugar; as simple as they are delicious and are normally brought out at the end of a lunch or dinner.

In Bari they are now a tradition, and there are many restaurants that will offer them on their menu.

The maximum apotheosis, however, is reached when these desserts are served hot; the hot cream adds further value to the dirty muss... but it is also a matter of taste 😉

The tradition of preparing "sporcamuss" is rooted in Apulian culture and each local pastry shop, in fact, has its own special and personalized version. It is a dessert that is often consumed during holidays and special occasions, but it is available all year round in the pastry shops of Bari and, as written before, in the best restaurants and trattorias.

Savoring a “sporcamuss” is like taking a trip to the heart of Puglia. It's a delicious way to immerse yourself in Bari's culinary culture and enjoy one of its most precious gastronomic treasures. So, when you visit Bari, be sure to try this authentic dessert .

Sporcamuss typical sweets from Bari and Puglia

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