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Best climate in Italy 2024: Bari first in the ranking out of 107

26 March 2024 8 hours of sun a day and only 74 days of rain a year. Bari has the best climate in Italy According to an interesting evaluation by Sole24Ore on the quality of life of Italians, which focuses attention on the cities where we live better from a climatic point of view, it is clear that the city [...] Find out more

A tulip field on the outskirts of Bari: in spring

Every spring, TuliPark, an expanse of tulips for an experience of flowers and relaxation in typical Dutch style. If you are planning a visit to Bari and are looking for a unique experience immersed in the beauty of flowers, then you are in luck! Tulipark is an enchanting village that will welcome you with expanses of colorful and […] Find out more

Sunniest places in Italy? Bari among the cities with

With 332 hours of sunshine per month, Bari and Puglia confirm a prestigious position in terms of climate. With its 17th place out of 50 Italian cities examined, Bari confirms its privileged position in terms of climate and temperatures thanks to 332 hours of sunshine per month register. It is no coincidence, in fact, [...] Find out more

The climate in Bari

What is the best time to visit Bari and Puglia? When we decide to take a trip or a weekend there is always a doubt that assails us: but what is the weather there? what should I bring? will it be hot or cold? Fortunately, Bari, and Puglia in general, boast a Mediterranean climate which facilitates […] Find out more

Towards Monopoli, the beaches and the surroundings

Monopoli: the unmissable location between beaches, sea and nightlife. Around Bari, the capital of Puglia, there are many interesting municipalities and Monopoli undoubtedly stands out among these. Monopoli is located further south, precisely after Polignano a Mare, and is also a beautiful town overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Monopolies, like many […] Find out more

Areas & Climate

Discover the heart of Puglia, with the Lands of Bari, its borders and the typical climate of the South. Puglia, from top to bottom, is a simply fantastic territory. Everywhere you go you breathe in the air of history, sea, nature and exquisite typical Apulian dishes! The one in Puglia is not a simple trip but a [...] Find out more