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A field of tulips on the outskirts of Bari: the Dutch-style corner arrives in spring

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Every spring, TuliPark, an expanse of tulips for an experience of flowers and relaxation in typical Dutch style



Tulip field Tulipark BariIf you are planning a visit to Bari and are looking for a unique experience immersed in the beauty of flowers , then you are in luck! Tulipark is an enchanting village that will welcome you with expanses of colorful and fragrant tulips , with a space set up in perfect Dutch style .

The park, in addition to allowing a healthy walk among the thousands of tulips present, also offers large outdoor spaces for relaxation and picnics, allowing you to enjoy nature and the peaceful atmosphere of the place. However, you could also decide to have a truly immersive experience in the care and harvesting of the most famous Dutch tulips which, this time, grow in the splendid climate of Bari and Puglia .

The magic of the colors and smells of Puglia , in fact, will make the visual experience even more exclusive. With breathtaking landscapes and the beauty of Apulian nature, Tulipark integrates perfectly into the context, offering a unique experience that combines the tradition of Dutch tulips with the beauty of the Bari land .

Even a mill among the tulip fields

Tulip park Tulipark BariLocated near the majestic San Nicola Stadium in Bari , Tulipark extends over approximately 24,000 square meters, with 120,000 tulips and around seventy different varieties.

An area set up just like a traditional Dutch tulip field , inside which it will even be possible to admire a typical Nordic mill (fully functional) with a height of approximately 6 meters and built with authentic materials for a faithful and evocative reproduction.

For any information on the periods and opening hours of the TuliPark , and to purchase tickets to visit the park , we recommend visiting the following site:

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