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What to see in Bari Vecchia: 4 streets not to be missed

4 streets that you absolutely must see during a walk through the alleys of Bari Vecchia Bari Vecchia is a labyrinth of alleys that are very easy to get lost in and fall in love with, which is why it is highly recommended to walk through as many streets as possible to remain fascinated by them. This premise is necessary so that you can search […] Find out more

What to do in Bari Vecchia

Ideas and advice on what to do when you are in the suggestive Bari Vecchia. When you arrive at the gates of Bari Vecchia you are practically at the entrance to the thousand-year history of this city. For this reason BariExperience suggests what could be good ideas to enjoy this unique and evocative experience in the Apulian capital. The squares, the […] Find out more

Orecchiette with turnip tops

Orecchiette with turnip greens, the maximum expression of the Apulian table. It is one of the most famous first courses of Bari and Puglia, not only for its flavor but also because it unmistakably reflects the Apulian cuisine thanks to a vegetable, such as turnip top, a typical Italian product […] Find out more

The open-air church of Bari Vecchia

Santa Maria del Buonconsiglio: the remains of a medieval church in the heart of Bari Vecchia What everyone wonders when they arrive in this area of ​​Bari Vecchia is: what are these columns? The columns you see in the photo are nothing other than testimony to the thousand-year history that the ancient village preserves […] Find out more

Spaghetti all'assassina

A crunchy and spicy symbol of Bari cuisine: spaghetti all'assassina! If you love spicy cuisine, then you will most likely be desperately searching for this delicious Bari dish! Spaghetti all'assassina is also among the typical dishes offered by this splendid city, a dish whose characteristics represent a real […] Find out more

Orecchiette with ragù

Chop ragù, the typical Sunday dish of Bari. Orecchiette with ragù are among the typical dishes of Bari and especially of Sunday Bari; on Sunday the smell of ragù begins as early as 8:00 in the morning when the women are already at the stove preparing the chops to dip in the sauce. The ragù […] Find out more

The suggestive Bari Vecchia

A walk through the characteristic alleys of Bari Vecchia: breathe in the history of the ancient village of Bari. Bari Vecchia is a place where time seems to have stopped in its simplicity and authenticity. The style of the buildings in the ancient village reflects the interweaving of the various eras that characterized the architecture and everyday life of this neighborhood. […] Find out more

The street of the orecchiette

Strada Arco Basso: welcome to the street of the famous Bari orecchiette, in the heart of Bari Vecchia. In the heart of the old city of Bari there is a street renamed "the street of the ears" or "street of the ears". The street in question is officially called Strada Arco Basso, characterized by a small tunnel which once crossed […] Find out more

Local products

The typical products of Bari and Puglia that you can't help but taste! Here's what to eat in Bari "In Bari you eat very well". It's not just a person from Bari who says it but the many tourists who flock to this city every day, looking for dishes, recipes and typical local products. The ones you find in this […] Find out more

Bari is to be experienced

What to see and do in Bari? Here are some unusual ideas for experiencing the capital of Puglia at 360°. Bari is full of historical places and monuments to visit, but there are also several things you can do during your stay in this city, things that will make your stay more unique than ever. Bari experience. […] Find out more