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Santa Maria del Buonconsiglio: the remains of a medieval church in the heart of Bari Vecchia


Buonconsiglio Church see Bari VecchiaWhat everyone asks themselves when they arrive in this area of ​​Bari Vecchia is: what are these columns ?

The columns you see in the photo are nothing more than testimony to the thousand-year history that the ancient village of Bari . It is an ancient medieval church , Santa Maria del Buonconsiglio , whose construction dates back to between the 9th and 10th centuries .

The name of this church, in particular the word " Buonconsiglio ", takes inspiration from some tragic events that occurred subsequently and which involved the people of Bari and the Byzantines during a bloody rebellion.

As you can imagine, the peculiarity of this very ancient church lies precisely in what remains of it. An open-air museum in which there are not only the 8 columns, but also a low perimeter wall which, together with the 2 pillars and the columns, perfectly create the idea of ​​the three naves of this small church , as well as the original plan of the ancient building.

See Bari Old Church Buonconsiglio

Another very interesting detail, which characterizes this archaeological site in the center of Bari Vecchia , is its flooring.
The excavations carried out in the 1980s brought to light, in addition to the perimeter wall of the church , also some fascinating mosaics with geometric representations typical of the time.

Finally, next to the ruins of the church there is a suggestive painting of the Madonna breastfeeding baby Jesus, a point of prayer for the residents of the area.

This square too, by virtue of its history and position on the map of Bari Vecchia , is undoubtedly among the symbolic places to visit during a walk in the ancient village .

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