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Investing in short-term rentals in Bari

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Short-term rentals in Bari real estate tourism

In a beautiful region like Puglia it is not easy to be at the top of tourist preferences.

According to data from the "Digital Management System" of the Puglia Region, however, Bari the most sought after destination.

The Apulian capital manages to attract the largest number of tourists (1.65 million in 2023). This also has an impact on the real estate market because there are more and more owners of second homes, perhaps located in the historic center , who are thinking of starting an accommodation facility.

Short-term rentals offer extra income but require competence, time and professionalism. By entrusting your apartment to REMAX Stella Polare – CI Pietro Palermo , you will no longer have to worry.

In REMAX Stella Polare there is a team of professionals dedicated to the management of short-term rentals in Bari and surrounding areas , which has now become a point of reference throughout the Bari area where they manage villas and apartments.

So why choose REMAX Stella Polare?

1) Complete management

Online marketing of the apartment, reservations, Check-in and Check-out, reception, cleaning and maintenance, management of payments and collections, etc…;

2) Transparent method

REMAX Stella Polare shares numbers, reservations and costs with the owners, in absolute transparency;

3) Zero risk

Short-term rentals reduce the risk of defaults, evictions and deterioration of your apartment.

You don't have to do anything, think of the entire REMAX Stella Polare team.
Request info now for a free consultation and to find out how to receive your monthly earnings, in a certain way and with absolute peace of mind.

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