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On the Santo Spirito seafront


Santo Spirito: the seafront, the marina and the maritime traditions of this lovely neighborhood of Bari


Santo Spirito Bari Puglia sea

In the northern area of ​​Bari there is a neighbourhood , about 15 minutes from the Apulian capital , which enjoys a small - but not too much - seafront and a lovely little port full of boats as evidence of the numerous fishermen who live in the area and who every every day they supply the fish market , located right on a stretch of the Santo Spirito .

Like Torre a mare (another district of Bari ), this area is also an interesting destination for anyone who wants to walk by the sea and, at the same time, enjoy a drink in some place.
Yes, because like most of the places in Puglia Santo Spirito also an area of ​​Bari where there is certainly no shortage of bars, pubs, pizzerias and restaurants ready to satisfy your palates, perhaps integrating some Apulian street food or typical local traditional dishes .

For several years now, Santo Spirito has also been capturing the attention of Italian and foreign tourists precisely by virtue of this very suggestive landscape where fishing is a must, and this can be understood from the numerous boats present on the coast, those same boats that fishermen catch of the day to the market and restaurants in the area, thus bringing always fresh and excellent quality products tables of the people of Bari

Santo Spirito near Palese Bari PugliaBut it is above all in the evening that Santo Spirito brings out the best of itself, with a seafront illuminated by the lights of the clubs and street lamps, which together with the sound of the water create a relaxing and evocative atmosphere.
For lovers of churches church of the "Spirito Santo" is worth mentioning, located in the central street of the neighborhood and characterized by two twin bell towers, visible in the distance even from the Santo Spirito seafront thanks to the grandeur with which they emerge from the town center .

Santo Spirito district Bari Puglia
Santo Spirito Bari Palese near the airport

Where is Santo Spirito located?

Km from Bari
Minutes by car

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