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Bisceglie and its archaeological treasures

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Between the sea, Prehistory and the Middle Ages: discovering the historical treasures of Bisceglie


What to see Bisceglie Puglia

Bisceglie is a town in the province of BAT (Barletta-Andria-Trani) with a very long history that spans both Prehistory and the Middle Ages.

It is a commercial city as well as ideal for a stopover in Puglia (especially in summer) thanks also to the sea and beaches of this area which, we remember, is located in an area further north of Puglia , with a much appreciated coast not only by the citizens themselves but also by those in the surrounding areas, as well as by tourists and travellers. But before talking about today's Bisceglie, let's talk about yesterday's Bisceglie , the prehistoric one which still today preserves wonderful archaeological treasures such as the Dolmen della Chianca , discovered in the early 1900s and recognized in 2011 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dolmen Chianca Bisceglie PugliaThe Dolmens , in fact, are ancient funerary installations dating back to prehistoric times and which can still be visited in the countryside of the Bisceglie area ; In this area there are 6 Dolmens , but the one that still best preserves its structure today is the Dolmen della Chianca , famous in Puglia (and throughout Europe) and surrounded by the typical Apulian olive trees .

As for the Bisceglie , that too absolutely deserves your attention, especially if you are passionate about ancient villages . The city, in fact, has a characteristic historical center made up of very suggestive buildings and noble palaces, not to mention the splendid churches, inside and outside the old defensive walls that surround the ancient village, such as the Romanesque Cathedral of San Pietro and the church of Sant'Adoeno , built in 1295 and 1074 respectively.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the presence of very interesting museums, including the "Majellaro" Archaeological Museum where it is possible to discover a collection of finds dating back to the Neolithic and Paleolithic periods.

As far as today's Bisceglie is concerned, obviously there is no lack of nightlife for the younger ones, with numerous clubs along the small port of Bisceglie and in the surrounding area, with bars, pubs and trattorias in pleasant and suggestive locations. In short, a stop in this area of ​​Puglia can only excite you and at the same time enrich your cultural background.


Where is Bisceglie located?

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