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In Noicàttaro, discovering the smallest theater in Europe

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From oil mill to stage: with its 41 seats it is the smallest Italian theater in Europe (and the world).
A jewel in Noicàttaro

Photo author: Mario Marinoni Photography

Oldest theater in Europe Noicattaro Bari Puglia

If you are looking for a fascinating and unusual destination, ready to reveal a one-of-a-kind secret, prepare to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the "Teatro città nojano" in Noicàttaro .
This small treasure of European architecture and culture, renamed as the smallest theater in Europe , is located in a picturesque town a few kilometers from Bari, heading south.

Don't be fooled, therefore, by the apparently modest size of Noicàttaro ; here, an incredible surprise awaits you underground, exactly 4 meters below street level. With its 50 seats , this tiny treasure chest, in the central Via Carmine, was an oil mill in 1700 belonging to the Carafa Dukes of Noja , the ancient name of Noicàttaro . In 1869 the "trappeto" was used, thanks to skilled carpentry work, as a City Theater representing for almost a century an important cultural and recreational center of the Apulian town. Over time this theater has become the smallest Italian theater in Europe (and among the smallest in the world)

The history of the precious city theater

The Noicàttaro theater has experienced a series of adventures and changes, mainly related to the historical events of the time. In addition to the theatrical performances of itinerant companies that animated the small towns of southern Italy , the theater also took on various other functions to meet the needs of the community. It was used as a place for social and cultural emancipation activities during trade union demonstrations at the end of the 19th century, later as a cinema after the First World War and finally for screenings of fascist propaganda.

Noicattaro Theater smallest in Europe Puglia

A small treasure of Italian architecture

The architecture of the city theater of Noicàttaro is a precious testimony of typical Italian art; inside it is arranged in a horseshoe shape so as to create an illusory and greater depth during a show, despite the very limited spaces. The traditional separations between stage and audience , still visible today, even give us a glimpse of the social rigor that was adopted in the past to distinguish the plebs from the bourgeoisie of the time.

Smallest theater in Europe Noicattaro Puglia

Visit the Noicàttaro theater

During the European Heritage Days 2021 , the cultural heart of Noicàttaro opened the doors of a treasure buried in time: today, in fact, thanks to the accompaniment of specialized tourist guides, it is possible to visit it on request to discover it in all its authenticity and beauty .

TEL: 080 4784242

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