BariExperience vedere visitare Bari dintorni Puglia

Entertain yourself by wandering around Bari

Cosa fare in città?
Idee per intrattenersi tra il centro e la periferia di Bari

When you arrive in Bari surely your main area of ​​interest is absolutely that of the center, Bari Vecchia , the seafront , the streets of shopping , squares and characteristic monuments of Bari such as palaces and theaters.

But when you are around Bari there are things that could catch your attention and take you to other neighborhoods too, such as Poggiofranco , Carrassi and Marconi district. br>
Yes, because Bari luckily has several attractions around the city, as well as activities you can do in your free time.

Here are some ideas on what you can do go up and down the capital of splendid Puglia .

The best-selling tours to see Bari

Opportunities to fully experience the city! And if you have an unexpected event, the cancellation is FREE .

Some experiences to do in Bari and its surroundings

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