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Between engineering and art: discover the offices of the Apulian Aqueduct, visit the suggestive Palazzo dell'Acqua


Water Palace Bari Puglia

You should know that Puglia enjoys one of the most impressive works in Italy whose offices are located right in the city of Bari .

This is the Pugliese Aqueduct , a work inaugurated in 1915 which allows all the people of Puglia (thanks to its approximately 26 thousand km of water pipes) to use running water and then build, around the 1920s, the headquarters of the aqueduct - precisely Palazzo dell'Acqua - and to locate it right in Bari in the heart of the Murat district, or in the very center of Bari .

The peculiarity of this building lies precisely in its nature as it was born as a true monument to water thanks to all those elements, external and internal to the building, which emphasize a precious and fundamental asset for man and his land.

Apulian aqueduct palace BariPaintings, sculptures, decorative elements, capitals, stained glass, marble... everything found inside this building speaks of water, of Bari, of Puglia and its architectural wonders , in a conglomerate of art and history whose intertwining gives an authentic and attractive

monument All the beauty and authenticity of the Palazzo dell'Acqua can be attributed to the imprint of Duilio Cambellotti , a Roman artist who through his ingenuity managed to transform the rooms of a palace into a jewel capable of conveying to the users the importance and benefits produced by the Apulian Aqueduct

For lovers of history and art, the Palazzo dell'Acqua is undoubtedly one of the places that cannot be missed, after all this structure is located exactly behind the famous Petruzzelli Theatre.

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