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The old defense of the port and the splendid Bari Vecchia: the Fortino di Sant'Antonio


The Fortino di San'Antonio is one of the most characteristic elements of the wall surrounding Bari Vecchia ; it is located in one of the highest points of these walls and its history originates precisely in 1071 when, in defense from the sieges of the old port , a watchtower was built.

This tower , dedicated to Saint Anthony by virtue of the discovery of some elements attributable to a church previously existing nearby and inspired by the saint , was destroyed in the following years.

Around the 16th century, a new reconstruction of the tower itself was started which also included several strengthenings, throughout its history, for military purposes.

Like all stories there is always a beginning and an end, so decline also comes fort of Sant'Antonio the structure was demilitarized and changed its intended use, becoming property of the municipality.

The history of the Fort resurfaced again in 1994 when the restoration work brought to light some archaeological elements (now exposed under the wall , surrounded by greenery) and refurbished what was once the site of the famous turret .

Today the fort shines on the Bari seafront and is visible from the outside to anyone who wants to get closer for some souvenir photos (the view of the sea and the city is enchanting).

Fortress tower Sant'Antonio Bari
Fortress tower Sant'Antonio Bari
Fortino Sant'Antonio Bari seafront

Where is the Fort of Sant'Antonio located?

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