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The symbol of commerce in Bari:
A walk through Palazzo Mincuzzi, in the heart of Via Sparano


Palazzo Mincuzzi is located in the Murat district in the center of Bari , precisely in one of the most characteristic streets of the city, Via Sparano .

The twentieth-century building, being located in the historic shopping , has over time become not only the symbol of Bari , but also a prestigious point of reference for the people of Bari.

In fact, what distinguishes it is its French architectural style which recalls Art Noveau and which inevitably strikes anyone passing through that area.

Palazzo Mincuzzi Via Sparano Bari Palazzo Mincuzzi is currently used as a shop for a well-known clothing brand (Benetton) and is obviously accessible to all.
But it is at nightfall that Palazzo Mincuzzi offers its best, thanks to lighting that highlights the main architectural elements of the building, making it a true monument to admire and photograph.

So if you arrive in Bari , and especially in the center of Bari , you decide to walk along the characteristic Via Sparano , know that you will find yourself in front of a real historical monument, as well as a jewel of commercial Bari.

Palazzo Mincuzzi Bari Via Sparano
Bari Via Sparano Palazzo Mincuzzi
Palazzo Mincuzzi Shopping Via Sparano

Where is Palazzo Mincuzzi located?

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