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Bari and raw seafood: a love story handed down over time, an exquisite attraction for tourists.


Frutti di mare crudo barese Puglia

Let's start immediately with a premise: raw seafood in Bari is a must of the Bari doc, a habit handed down from father to son, from generation to generation.
Summer or winter does not difference, the raw seafood in Bari are present every Sunday (and not only on Sunday) in numerous tables of the people of Bari, but above all not only on the tables! You got it right, not only on the tables, because raw seafood from Bari is a widespread practice in every square meter of this splendid seaside city, such that it even falls into the list of the famous street Bari food with a lot of Peroni beer in tow (another typical Bari must) .

Tour gastronomico a Bari The raw seafood that you could taste in Bari are generally curly, mussels, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, pupils and so on and so forth; it is a very fresh fish that the people of Bari love eat raw , therefore not cooked, in order to fully enjoy the scent and flavor of the sea.
Even if for some may seem like a novelty, here in Bari the consumption of raw seafood is a very widespread habit, such as to attract the attention of thousands of tourists who every year arrive in the Apulian capital.


Ricci di mare crudo bareseTuttavia, onde evitare eventuali problemi di digestione a chi è poco abituato a questa squisita esperienza, anche ai turisti viene spesso offerto di assaggiare i ricci di mare, quindi i prodotti più comuni quanto estremamente apprezzati, ma nulla vieta di assaggiare tutti gli altri frutti di mare che abbiamo citato prima (ce ne sono davvero tanti).

Raw seafood from Bari , as we said, is also consumed in street food mode, generically right near the sea, also accompanied by an "ice-cold" beer (you must to know that for the people of Bari the winning combination is made up of raw seafood and Peroni , the beer most loved by the people of Bari and strictly cold) ; one of the symbolic places of this culture is the old port of Bari (Nderr La'Lanz - it is said in the local dialect).

Molo San Nicola lungomare Bari This place, located in the heart of the seafront of Bari , in addition to being one of the many meeting points of the nightlife of Bari , is above all the place where you can taste the raw fish thanks to the presence of very nice fishermen who, returning from the sea, invite people to taste their catch.
Another point of reference lie to reach the old port? Ask for “El Chiringuito” , it's a small bar located right on the pier, as well as a real point of reference for your unusual experience.

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A walk of about 3 hours to savor panzerotto , focaccia , sgagliozze and other products of Bari street food !

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