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The PrimaVera Fest: cultural, tourist and gastronomic events between Corato and Alta Murgia

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06 May 2024

Spring between the village of Corato and the Alta Murgia Park: festivals, events and entertainment await you


The PrimaVera Fest Corato meat festival

The PrimaVera Fest is a format aimed at celebrating spring in the village of Corato and in the Alta Murgia Park through cultural, tourist and gastronomic events.

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May will be the turn of a festival that celebrates the gastronomic delights of the area through one of its most authentic specialties: horse meat. An event in which it will be possible to taste a wide variety of dishes, from traditional to the most innovative , all prepared with skill by the exclusive restaurants in the historic center of Corato.

Thanks to an affordable ticket of just 7 euros , you can enjoy the delicious culinary creations together with a typical glass of local wine, immersed in the lively and welcoming atmosphere of the streets of the village. However, the experience does not stop at tasting alone. The festival also offers high-level entertainment, with live music and shows in Piazza Sedile and Piazza di Vagno , with guests able to fully immerse themselves in the lively party atmosphere that characterizes the event.

The festival is an opportunity to savor some variations of traditional Apulian cuisine in a unique and enchanting setting like that of the typical villages of this area.

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