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What are those stickers on the Adriatic bridge? The reason will touch your heart

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11 October 2020

Animal-loving Bari: the commitment to safeguard the health of birds passing through the city


Adriatic Bridge Bari ItalyJust a few days ago, while walking along the splendid Adriatic bridge, I noticed these silhouettes of birds attached to the windows of the screen located on the side of the road.

For a moment I thought I had never noticed them, but then thinking about it, it wasn't the first time I passed by there...
And as always, the web takes care of dispelling any doubts, in this case the news from some local newspapers; some silhouettes of birds of prey
were installed on the Adriatic bridge To put it simply, save animals .

Yes, because unfortunately those windows were, until recently, real invisible dangers for birds ; in fact many of these, unfortunately, crashed while passing through the bridge , also losing their lives.

Adriatic Bridge Stickers Considering that Bari boasts an important migratory pace with specimens (even rare ones) arriving even from South Africa , one could not remain indifferent, and thanks to the alarm bell of some volunteers and the administration which responded promptly to the appeal, now the Ponte Adriatico is equipped with these deterrents in order to protect birds from invisible danger.

I am an animal lover, and now that I have discovered the reason for those stickers on the bridge I can only congratulate all those people who worked and collaborated for this initiative.

We always defend animals, they are the beauty of our world.

Ivan G.
Marketer & Digital Expert |

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