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The breathtaking show of Mission Impossible and Fast&Furious stuntmen arrives in Bari

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January 22, 2024

A movie-like experience in front of one of the most beautiful stadiums in Europe: the Fast&Furious stuntmen arrive


Fast & furious stuntman show Bari

From 3 February to 10 March , the virtuoso stuntmen of Didì Bizzarro's famous Big Show Roller Cars Circus , known for their extraordinary performances in action films such as Fast & Furious, Mission Impossible and Equalizer , will perform in an exciting indoor show in the car park in front of the San Nicola Stadium in Bari .

The Big Show Roller Cars is made up of Team Bizzarro, i.e. professional drivers who have specialized in acrobatic driving with cars, motorbikes and trucks since 1968. A traveling acrobatic show of great importance whose performances include talented drivers specialized in various disciplines: from the control of cars and trucks on two wheels at Freestyle Motocross with spectacular jumps, stuntriding and Drift with 400 hp cars.

Furthermore, the event also offers unique cinematic effects, with a tribute to classic stunts of the past. An unforgettable experience in which it will also be possible to get on board the cars and motorbikes , guaranteeing an emotion in total safety both on four and two wheels.

Tickets can be purchased directly from the on-site box office or through the website

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