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On the Puglia-Albania axis at the BTM in Bari: from tourism of numbers to sustainable tourism

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01 February 2024

International Tourism Fair: again this year BariExperience alongside Balcando


BTM Bari 2024 Balcando & BariexperienceAfter the success of the 2023 edition of the BTM , which saw 250 exhibitors, 400 companies in the tourism sector and around 27,000 presences, the Balcando – Business Agency , leader in internationalization projects between Italy and Albania, returns with its format in Fiera del Levante tackling a new and interesting theme.

The BTM , in fact, is an event dedicated to tourism which for years has brought together operators, administrations, businesses, public and private bodies in Puglia to create a network of values ​​around the tourism theme and strengthen the link between the territory and international dynamics.
The conference organized by BALCANDO in the last edition of the BTM was followed with interest by visitors, the press and the institutions present. This year it is repeated with the aim of orienting the dialogue and collaboration between the operators, and all the stakeholders of the BTM , towards a more sustainable management of tourism in Albania. Hence the title of the new conference organized by Balcando on 28 February
2024 at 2.30 pm: "Albania: from a tourism of numbers to a sustainable tourism" .


Data and objectives of the 2024 conference

The socio-economic ties between Italy and Albania , in fact, are now consolidated, especially in the field of tourism. However, despite the proximity of Puglia and Albania , it is still very difficult to spread the cultures and beauties of the respective territories, with presences concentrated only in certain periods of the year (mainly summer) and for other very specific variables.

Yet, according to data from the Albanian Government, in 2023 the total number of tourists who visited the Land of Eagles reached the record number of 10 million people and the first place is held by tourists of Italian nationality.

A sign of potential, on both sides, to be exploited and cultivated also in other periods of the year. With this premise, the conference will talk about collaborations and future strategies together with some institutional representatives, both Italian and Albanian, together with companies and start-ups in the tourism sector who will share with those present their personal experiences and the problems encountered in management of a continuously growing and evolving sector.

BariExperience is media partner

BariExperience , an independent project for the promotion and valorization of the territory, which has always promoted projects and initiatives aimed at deseasonalizing the Terra di Bari Balcando company and will also do so in the presence of the founder of the blog, Ivan GIuliani.

See you at Fiera del Levante for a pleasant handshake.
Link to register for the BTM and participate in the conference:

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