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Discovering the wonders of Italy: on Radio 24's "Grand Tour" we talked about Puglia and old Bari

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November 14, 2023

A "trip" to old Bari with the Il Sole 24 ORE radio. Ivan Giuliani, founder of BariExperience, talks about the territory


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Not just web and TV, the area also travels on the radio.
“Grand Tour” , the travel program of Radio 24 , an Italian radio station owned by the 24 ORE Group (among the 10 most listened to radio stations in Italy) , is a format that every Sunday from 3pm to 4pm takes Italian radio listeners to discover the wonders of our country.

Sunday 12 November was the turn of Puglia and Bari whose "journey", which includes ideas and routes through the regions of Italy in each episode, with suggestions on what to visit and practical advice for the occasion, focused attention on one of the most evocative villages in Puglia, Bari Vecchia . The story and anecdotes of Bari's most characteristic neighborhood were told to Radio 24 by the undersigned and founder of

Historical notes, churches, squares, characteristic alleys, legends of old Bari were some of the topics addressed during the interview conducted by Valeria De Rosa, journalist and presenter of the Grand Tour , with particular attention also to the redevelopment which took place in the 90s and which , in fact, relaunched the ancient village "allowing the Bari community to re-establish relationships with the squares of old Bari and thousands of tourists to explore the historic center" as I declared during the broadcast.

A chat lasting several minutes which allowed the radio listeners, tuned in at that moment, to discover not only the main attractions not to be missed but also the customs and beliefs of the local people, including the inevitable street food: "because folkloristic food today is one of the aspects that is very popular among tourists and which continues to generate strong curiosity and attraction" .

Once again, therefore, the spotlight is on Bari , on the ancient village and on the typical features of a place that is always popular when choosing to take a trip to Puglia, especially now that Christmas is approaching ; an additional opportunity to visit the city of San Nicola, the Saint who inspired Santa Claus and who indirectly carries the name of Bari around the world.

If you are interested in finding out more, watch this video.
You will listen to my interview and, above all, you will see some beautiful images of old Bari (inserted just so you don't get bored and show you what I'm talking about) .
Don't worry, it's only 7 minutes, but it's worth listening to.

Listen to the interview and discover old Bari

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