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Bari lands on Netflix: the film shot in the city with the actress Sophia Loren is out

October 22, 2020

It's called "Life in front of you", the next film coming out on Netflix, shot in the Apulian capital.


Movie sophia loren netflix bariAnd so even the great cinema chooses my splendid Bari .
, the film shot in the city with the famous and wonderful Italian actress Sophia Loren will be released on November 13th on Netflix .

For some time now, Puglia has been literally besieged by directors and producers, and Netflix is further confirmation of how much Bari and Puglia are really growing, so much so that they have more and more visibility and consensus, in Italy, in Europe and in the world.

Seeing Bari on TV is always a thrill, but seeing it in the catalog of films offered by Netflix is ​​unparalleled. More and more proud of this splendid territory, more and more proud and happy for my Puglia .

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