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A day between San Vito and Ostuni: a video will tell you about the white city!


August 23, 2021

Lunch in San Vito (Polignano a Mare) and afternoon in Ostuni: an experience of flavors and white houses


What to see in Ostuni Ivan Giuliani

One of the reasons why I consider myself lucky to live in Bari is also this, that is, having the possibility of being able to quickly reach amazing locations sought after by tourists from all over the world. One of these is Ostuni , the suggestive white city of the Itria valley , an area of ​​Puglia not to be missed not only for its uncontaminated nature but above all for the villages that characterize its essence, but not before having tasted some Apulian flavors in a small restaurant at the foot of the Abbey of San Vito , a town on the outskirts of Polignano a Mare ; we are talking, in this case, about one of the main locations of the well-known television drama "The investigations of Lolita Lobosco" , therefore another place not to be missed.

Returning to Ostuni, I hadn't been here for a long time, for this reason I took advantage of my holidays to return and, at this point, to quickly tell you about my pleasant experience in the splendid white city .

On this page I won't tell you exactly what to see in Ostuni (there are certainly many interesting things to visit) but I will show you some images of my carefree walk through the fantastic streets of the historic center , but above all some viewpoints from which you can admire the wonderful landscape offered from our Puglia , where sky, earth and sea come together to create a real postcard of this enchanting area .

Well, having said this I would say not to dwell further and to present you some photos of the cute San Vito and the historic center of Ostuni , if instead you wish to enter the magical atmosphere of this fantastic day then immediately watch the video made especially for you.
PS: I went to Ostuni during the day, but I highly recommend visiting it in the evening too because when the street lamps begin to illuminate the white houses and the kitchens begin to perfume the streets with Apulian dishes , this village becomes extremely suggestive.
I promised myself that next time I'll go back in the evening!

See you next time
Ivan G.

Here are some photos of San Vito and Ostuni

San Vito Polignano a Mare
Ostuni Puglia white city
Ostuni Puglia white city
Ostuni Puglia white city
Ostuni Puglia white city
Ostuni Puglia white city
Ostuni Puglia white city
Ostuni Puglia white city

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