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February 10, 2023

Welcoming tourists and making them passionate about the Terra di Bari : free Educational Tours coming soon


Educational Tour Bari ExperienceConfguide , Federation of Tour Guides and Tour Leaders, member of Confcommercio Prov. Bari-BAT, in partnership with , opens the doors to extra-hospitality activities with educational tours.

The mission is to share a 'cultural etiquette' that is crucial in providing pleasant and positive travel experiences, which make the tourist an 'ambassador of the Terra di Bari in the world'. The Educational Tour will be realized thanks to the convinced sharing of thoughts of which contributes to the communication and diffusion of this interesting initiative aimed at B&Bs, holiday homes, guest houses and tourist locations.


When will it take place
Sunday 5 MARCH 2023, c/o Tourist InfoPoint in Piazza Del Ferrarese – Bari
10:00 am registration of participants
10:10 am presentation of the Educational Tour
10:30 am start of guided tour
12:00 pm greetings

How to book the Educational Tour
Owners of accommodation facilities or tourist service activities who are interested in joining the Bari Educational Tour completely free of charge and participating in this and the other initiatives planned for 2023 can contact the association at following address:


“Encouraging tourists to discover the Terra di Bari is the most natural thing you can do, but being ambassadors of a lived experience helps involvement and generates trust in those who recommend it” – Ivan Giuliani

Educational Tour Confguide BariExperience

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