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The most beautiful sea in Italy? Puglia is first for coastal water quality

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July 22, 2021

Not only beautiful but also clean: the sea of ​​Puglia is increasingly at the top of the charts


Most beautiful sea in Italy PugliaLet's start immediately from a premise: recently, precisely in May 2021 , the quality of the sea on the Bari coast (about 42 km of coastline) was defined as "Excellent" after the analyzes and monitoring carried out by Arpa Puglia .

Today Arpa Puglia , together with Legambiente , confirm that our splendid Puglia is first in Italy for the quality of coastal water , news that will undoubtedly make not only the people of Puglia themselves very happy but also all the tourists who choose this area every year. region as a favorite destination for your summer holidays .

If, therefore, you are trying to understand which is the most beautiful and cleanest sea in Italy , know that at the moment Puglia is at the top of the national and international rankings for beauty and quality, the right combination to make your Apulian experience memorable.

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