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Quality of the Sea: Puglia in first place together with another beautiful region

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02 June 2020

Extraordinary data from Puglia: bathing waters on par with Sardinia

Sea beaches Puglia PolignanoAnd like every year, Puglia continues to amaze.

The Environmental Protection Agency (SNPA) has drawn up a report which shows that the bathing waters of Puglia are of "excellent quality" , so much so that they occupy first place together with another beautiful Italian region, Sardinia , with 99.7 % kilometers of bathing coastline judged to be excellent.

Therefore, news that will make the many tourists who are about to book a holiday in our beautiful region , perhaps starting from Bari which, let us remember, is surrounded by places envied all over the world for their beauty, as well as their sea .

Below is the link with the details of the news.

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