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World Press Photo Bari – Exhibition 2023: the international photojournalism exhibition returns

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October 17, 2023

The most important photojournalism exhibition in the world returns to Bari.
Days, times and tickets.


World Press Photo BariThe world-renowned photojournalism competition “World Press Photo” returns to Bari from 17 October to 13 December 2023 at the Teatro Margherita , the splendid theater built on the sea.

Those interested in the photographic exhibition will be able to admire the shots of the best photojournalists in the world who, through their images, highlight the culminating events of our time.

The international exhibition “World Press Photo” can be visited in the period indicated above every day from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 21:00 (except on Fridays and Saturdays whose closing time is 9:00 pm); an excellent opportunity for people from Bari and tourists to experience the salient moments that are characterizing our time through a photo and, above all, to capture a moment of reflection on everything that is happening around us.


For further information it is advisable to visit the site:


Here to purchase tickets:


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