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The Onion Calzone

The Bari onion calzone, another product that you cannot miss trying


Another typical product from Bari and which the people of Bari themselves cannot do without is the onion calzone , also known as onion pizza .

In fact, this product is equivalent to a sort of closed pizza created with a dough similar to that of bread and filled, in this case, with onion, pitted green olives, cheese, pepper and other side ingredients.

the filling of the calzone can change from country to country: for example it can be filled with meat, tomato and mozzarella or ricotta and spinach. It also depends a lot on taste.

Bari is full of bakeries and it is really difficult if not impossible to find one that doesn't have focaccia and onion calzone . So you have no excuse not to try it 😉

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